[Verse 1: Lazy3x]
I'm with a b*tch she be f*ckin on me
Yall n*gga cappin yall not in the streets
I got like 33 shots in his heat
And I got like 33 thots on my meat
[?] she f*ckin with me
I like [?] when I'm sippin on lean
And yo shawty a bot cause that b*tch for the team
[?] n*gga don't talk to me
She know all my songs
Why is she stalkin me?
[?] the way that they joggin me
And I [?] I only talk guapanese
f*ckin a thot she only speak japanese
And you broke as a f*ck boy stop all that cappin
Left hand right hand in the pot
[?] boy what's up
And I got me a backhand in the club
And my n*ggas still trappin run it up
Yall n*gga hoes like what's up with yall?
When I was in school used to stay in the halls
And now I'm too cool to go to the mall
f*ck all that sh*t like f*ck [?]
Not f*ckin onе b*tch b*tch I'm f*ckin them all
[?] then we shootin thеm all
I'm not shootin one clique b*tch I'm shootin them all
[Verse 2: WRXTH]
[?] rap n*ggas steppin to the scene
A-Ain't no f*ckin tellin what I'm doin for the green
I was on his block sippin 4's with the lean
Ch-Choppa on me chain n*gga black with the jeans
AR-15 gotta scope with the beam
I-Imma do him dirty if that n*gga in the field
30 Glock poppin on his block ferris wheel
I-I was on [?] when a n*gga need a mil
n*ggas get depressed pills for poppin pill
I was with my b*tch she don't love me for the thrill
F-Feel like Tony Stark hit his momma with the steel
I been doin xannies poppin the molly's for the feel
Choppa go boom
Hit you and you and you
AK finna eat him
And [?] human food
I feel like handy manny
I'm grippin on the tool
[?] finna catch him and his momma in his room
[?] did him worse
And I be on my reppin sh*t know how to kill a verse
I slide with the gang
He said that boy [?] guessin where he stay
He said he finna 3 then I'm shootin from the [?]
He said he will not play then his [?]
I'm bout to get p*ssed n*gga no I'm not ok
Red dot through the currents n*gga [?]
I walk into the [?] intimidate
And I be on my [?] sh*t [?]
I hit him with the K
His body go decay
That boy he think he with it
I pull up on his [?]
Lil boy you been afraid
I put sh*t on the beam
[?] cause these n*ggas gay
AR-15 then we throw him in a lake
Hey Lazy

[Verse 3: Lazy3x]
Fah fah
Walkin fah
Gun that n*gga down
Walk em down
Glock got 30 rounds
Watch em bounce
Shawty gave me mouth
Cause I got clout
I put my timbs on my back like a [?]
Grabbin the tool and I'm shootin like Kurt
[?] b*tch I'm sippin on dirt
That boy whatchu tryna do cause my n*ggas not worry
Shawty a thot b*tch you know she a thotty
And he said he got guap then my n*ggas robbery
And the hollow tips pop but it's taken his oxygen
And the bullets like medicine make that boy swallow em
And I make that boy [?] when I'm just [?]
Like boy no he not arguin my n*ggas sparklin
Up on the Glock then I shoot at his [?]

Hey yzaL
[Verse 4: Lazy3x]
I'm in the field with a hoe
I cannot f*ck with yo bro
Imma walk down with the pole
n*gga give me whatchu owe
Tell that boy take off his clothes
Strip a n*gga for his gold
That boy he a tip a n*gga he a snitch
And just like the [?] n*gga keep a stick
[?] look like the clippers n*gga you a b*tch
Got my ice like a blizzard n*gga on my wrist
[?] pourin off a fifth
And I'm shootin the strap shootin at yo clique
And I shoot at yo clique
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