[Verse 1: Lazy3x]
f*ckin a thotty I f*ck on that b*tch
She suckin me slobby she suck on my di*k
And I'm sippin on [?] I'm smokin a split
She touchin her body she know that I'm rich
And I'm up on the Glock he get popped like a zit
Lil shawty a thot she sound like a tic
Beyblade with the K b*tch I let it rip
And I'm f*ckin yo [?] and I'm f*ckin that b*tch
b*tch [?] and I get a stick
And I stay with my gang b*tch I'm with the sh*t
And I'm switchin the lane [?]
And I'm f*ckin her face [?]
Not runnin no [?]
b*tch you know me they call me big Glocky
And I'm f*ckin her spanish while she call me poppy
And you said [?]
And I'm up on the Glock you get hung like a stocking
And I'm not for the [?] you know how I'm rockin
Pull up
Fah fah fah fah fah fah fah fah
Pull up with my gun that b*tch go blah
b*tch I'm in the trap and I [?]
And yo shawty a [?] she throwin it back
b*tch I pull up to the trap and I aim at yo back
And he talk about [?] but I know thats cap
[?] that's cap
Boy that's cap
Boy that's cap [?]
Get hit with the strap when I bring my ratchet in
My ratchet in
[Verse 2: Lazy3x]
I got the pole
b*tch get on the floor
Glock with a beam it's gone make him hit the woe
I'm sick of these n*ggas they all a disease
And the K with extension AK with a beam
And I'm leavin [?] put asleep
Rest in piece I got a Glock
She get on her knees shawty a thot
And a strap with the heat see you better watch
And a Glock with a di*k b*tch I'm pullin my c*ck out
Bullets they hittin his lip watch it knock out
[?] rockstar she [?] rock out
b*tch I'm on my [?] sh*t in the trap house
That n*gga gone skate when my n*ggas pop out
And she used to hate but she give me top now
Pull off with a [?] droppin the top now
And we aim for yo face and shoot from the top down
Like b*tch stay still stop runnin around
And the strap with the steel I'm gunnin them down
Bullets gone clap clap clap I got racks
Racks in the back got a strap in the back
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