f*ck IT lyrics




[Verse 1: Lazy3x]
One two
n*gga be talkin that sh*t on the low low
If that n*gga bug then that is a no no
Hop in the cut with the [?] four four
Hitten them licks then I run from the popo
And these n*ggas b*tch [?]
Hop with the stick when I hop [?]
n*ggas be fake [?] fifty and four
He don't want smoke ha sh*t
Talkin that [?] I know you a b*tch
When I was in school I was playin with sticks
When you was in school you was chasin a b*tch
[?] tryna get rich
I'm droppin that coupe and hitten them licks
Walk down with the tool and he shakin and sh*t
And I hop out the addy I get sprayin and sh*t
My n*ggas [?]
b*tch I'm [?]
And I'm in the coupe like [?]
That n*gga want smoke [?]
If he talkin online I'm erasin a b*tch
He gone run at the target cause he runnin his mouth
Pull up with a nine and I'm [?] them out
And I got a Glock keep f*ckin with me
b*tch I'm with my gang and they runnin with me
If I bring the [?] they done with me
These n*ggas like [?] stop f*ckin with me
You got a pipe not bustin at me
[?] not in love with no thotty
He talkin at night then I'm catchin a body
If I keep this tec he dyin prolly
She givin me neck she suckin my slobby
I got diamonds on my neck [?]
Not sippin on [?] b*tch I'm sippin on [?]
And I hop out the jet when I walk in the [?]
That n*gga get wet pull up with shotty
I got two hoes in my rari
I got two poles n*gga don't try me
And these n*ggas they two bro
When I'm thinkin bout you's a b*tch
When I'm thinkin bout use a lick
Talkin bout me who ain't sh*t
Cause I'm in a foreign and I'm f*ckin yo b*tch
And I'm ballin like jordan these n*ggas ain't sh*t
And my wings important [?]
And my [?] my foreign my whip
Foreign a glick
b*tch I'm lazy I got 400 clips
Not in love with no thot need more to live
And just like a [?]
[?] and I'm scorin and sh*t
We get a shot just like a ivy
I got a Glock I'm doin slimy
And I got the mop n*gga dont try me
(Hey LAZY)

[Verse 2: Lazy3x]
n*gga stop
Imma count this guap
While I'm sippin on this [?]
Shawty she a thot
Gimme top in the drop
Swervin up the lot
Imma catch a thot
Walk into the spot
Pockets full of knots
I got hella guap
f*ck it
I got hella thots
f*ck it
I got hella thots
f*ck it
All these n*ggas not bustin
He broke he don't have hunnids
Like no these n*ggas have [?]
I got hella cash comin
Shawty got that ass jumpin
b*tch I'm in the back stuntin
Pull out my strap now he runnin
Pull out my racks now she suckin
Run up [?]
n*ggas know that I'm not bluffin
I got big racks no discussion
n*ggas bluffin
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