"Classroom (Lyrics)"

[Verse: TeeJayx6]
Back in school, I ain't pay attention in the classroom
Steal the hall pass and jump a n*gga in the bathroom
Every Halloween I hid my strap in my costume
If you disrespect a n*gga it's gon' cost you
If you step on my shoes in middle school, I probably fought you
If you don't got no home trainer, than what your momma and daddy tought you?
Beat a n*gga ass well he getting out, boy I caught you
n*ggas see me out in public like "I can't believe I saw you"
Took a trip, OT so I can meet up with the plug
Well you and all your n*ggas finna meet up at the club
Heard how n*ggas so f*cking broke, I don't see how she in love
Too many n*ggas hating on me, why can't I get no f*ckin' love?
Early in the morning, about to meet up at the sped
You n*ggas whole b*tches, all ya missing is a wig
30 pints of Hi TEC just sitting in my fridge
I don't think n*ggas really swipe, I'm 'bout to put you to the quiz
In love with my girl, I think I wanna have some kids
Nosy ass n*gga, why you all in my biz?
Hungry ass n*gga, why you all in my fridge? (You starvin'!)
I think the song over, let me do my adlibs
Shoot you 50 times is no way that you gon' live
Throwing money at strippers well I'm at club live
I'm to throw this sh*t, I think I heard the f*ckin' pigs
A grown b*tch tried to rape me, I ain't tryna have your f*ckin' kids
Flex a n*gga stomach, I'm trying to break his f*ckin' ribs
If you rob a n*gga, you not supposed to let him live
Cause he'll come back and shoot up where you live
They like damn n*gga TJ where you been?
I remember this one time when I f*cked two twins
I went onto ICQ to get a few bins
Get a VPN and a new Benz
In my city they will kill you for some Cardier Lens

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