I love you Trapboy, Trapboy3k

The draco heavy, but I can hold it like a handgun
Catch two plays then another one, that's an and-one
This b*tch loud, they probably thought it was a band playing
I heard you got some fake sh*t, mine hand made
My plug just threw me some bo's like a hand grenade
I swear your b*tch pus*y the bomb like a frag grenade
Smoked too much, I'm too high, got me suffering
She want me to wait for the pus*y like the old YouTube when it was buffering
Was in the streets, couldn't even eat my supper
You ain't got this Gucci, I got this straight from Dapper Dan
I'll slap a n*gga with my left hand, right hand
That's an old money picture, that's not from right now man
I don't ever cap, let me take off this beanie
That's not a girl, that's my draco that's singing
Slapped a bald head n*gga 'cause in the sun his head was beaming
I gotta slow down on the drugs or I will not be breathing
Got an attitude 'cause I woke up on the wrong side
Let me say that picture, damn I think we killed the wrong guy
I can really tell that you sweet like an apple pie
Man it's 2019, you still got on Apple Bottoms
Oh you want smoke bro, what's up with all that animosity?
Did I scam my family member? sh*t possibly
They tryna knock my hustle but it's a scam economy
They don't really understand, I gotta speak verbally
Found out the n*ggas who slide, we bout to go purge on them
I really love all my brothers, I will not turn on them
I just f*cked this little b*tch, she want her virginity back
Caught him at the store and shot one of my enemies in the back
He laying on the floor in a big puddle of blood
He had on all red and got mistaken for a blood
A n*gga had on all blue, got mistaken for a crip
I'm trying to have a rich family like TI, Tiny, & TIP
Caught a n*gga at the mall and he freaked out
I'm already off beat so take the beat out
Now turn the beat on
My opp broke as hell goin' cold turkey, put the heat on him
n*ggas trying to come and save a b*tch like a hero
Might go to jail, I broke into the credit bureau
We looked in your bank account and it said zero
I ain't got no breakfast but I got some milk and cereal
One time I went broke and a n*gga was furious
Sending money on [?] cause my n*ggas still inmates
I just sent some boas from Detroit but they from the Bay
A n*gga tried to chase me in his car now his tire's flat
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