Ooh, RJ
RJ always trippin' man, RJ always trippin' man

[Verse 1]
Smokin' on runts, rollin' up the bodybag
Roll that pus*y n*gga up, put him in a bodybag
New computer in the bag, MSR in the bag
Where I'm at? In my bag
Where yo' b*tch? In my car
Suck my di*k, in a bar
Where my stick? Hand it here
Seen a goat, in the mirror
Throwin' money, on a stripper
Throwin' up the middle finger
f*ck her with my middle finger
This AR, it's a one-hitter-quitter, I'ma pull this b*tch back and I'ma aim it at yo' liver
Red dot in the middle of your head, I'ma hit ya
Where the barber shop? 'Cause my head need some clippers
And I need some scissors, and a new printer
Methods still workin', I might have to reconsider
Took his last money, then took him out his misery
You the middleman, can I see the owner, please?
Might sound impossible, use the piece to pay my lawyer fees

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Verse 2]
That was me singin', that remind me of my AR when that b*tch singin'
I just used a old BIN and went through in Cleveland
Then I used another one, out of country, New Zealand
Usin' my special treatment, usin' her for the pus*y
She a trick, it don't affect her
Give that boy a diamond tester
It make me feel better, knowin' that I'm a scammer
Perc' make me feel better, pop one, then go get active
Punchin' up inside a mansion, shot a n*gga in the mansion
Smokin' weed inside a mansion, pourin' up inside a mansion
Put his name inside a caption
How he died? Don't know what happened
Where ya hat? Boy you cappin'
Pourin' up, out a gallon
You declined, got us laughin'
He can't breathe, got him gaspin'
Walkin' up to bank with envelopes, got them n*ggas askin'
How I do this and that? Get yourself a fake check
Get yourself the software, and that's how you gon' do that

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