[From HQ Snippet]
n*ggas they can't even make ends meet
Fake page sent a death threat
Made his family upset
n*ggas said im up next
But im really up now
n*ggas better duck down
When I start sending rounds through the house and the windows and the couch
(ooh come on talking crazy)
I can fit a hundred thousand in the louie pouch
So I put it in the backpack
Lil n*gga backpack
Go think about what you just did and go backtrack
Pulled up to this lil n*gga house he ain't come out
If you make the wrong move imma pull the strap out
Pull up to the wrong house
n*gga this ain't what you want
My [?] for the [?]
Fake runtz in the packet
He ain't even knew it was fake-

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