Tired Of Trolling lyrics



[Intro: Producer Tag]
RJ always trippin man, RJ always trippin man

[Verse: Teejayx6 & Kasher Quon]
How the f*ck i run up 200k off unemployment
A n**** tried to rob me last week so im kinda noided
I think I see the Jackboys right here so my pistol loaded
I put some sugar in his gas tank and that b*tch exploded
Did too much fraud in that b*tch the account is frozen
I got 20k all dubs my pockets swolen
Hit my cousin with a right jab now his eye is swolen
We ain't on that funny sh*t no more we tired of trolling
Im finna go blow 100k im getting tired of stacking
You ain't really getting to the money you just lollygagging
They gon find his body in the river so lets bodybag it
Im finna po up some wockhardt i need some jolly ranchers
And i made a free 12 racks off a Payday loan
I hate when i get around a fan and they play my song
Like... play that sh*t on yo own time... i dont wanna hear that right now
Shoot a pus*y n**** then wave his ass goodbye
I just saw my ex b*tch walking so i flew by
This n**** smoking backyard boogie but this turtle pie
She ain't wanna f*ck the first night she was kinda shy
He keep leavin funny ass comments so he bout to die
I ain't po up no lean it feel like im finna die
I just keep on withdrawin
I just found my ex b*tch on Listcrawler (f*ck!!)
What the f*ck it that??
N**** backpage!!!
Shot 100 rounds through his crib he got whiplash
Why i just catch one of my opps at Six Flags
I Should shoot up the roller coaster and kill his ass!!!
Shot that lil n**** 10 times he on a [?]
Walk around with dogsh*t on me thats a sh*t stain
I love f*ckin around with yo b*tch she got Excellent Brain!
Ran off on a college student he got good grades
Got kicked outta school cause i always got bad grades
Don't nobody wanna put you on you got a bad name
Like... you just bad business
He called his phone carried to get an extension
I don't wanna f*ck with that b*tch she got bad intentions
Tryna rob me that's not a good decision!!
You drive a busted whip and that b*tch keep clicking
I know you sittin there mad as hell like why my sh*t won't start
She got bad weave how the f*ck can I see her part
Caught one of my opps at coney island he was sittin there parked
N****s f*cked up in the crib eatin starch
I'm too stressed out im bout to kill myself in the dark (the f*ck!!!)
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