Universal Credit lyrics



E-E-Enrgy made this one

[Verse 1: Teejayx6]
A n*gga see a wad and act like y'all never had a problem
But if I approach a n*gga I'm beefin' with, imma start sparkin'
Turn a n*gga wood to a Tesla, that b*tch auto-pilot
Get all Yeezys retail, double my money on the sneaker market
Just made some racks, hella pills at the college geeker party
Don't waste money on stupid sh*t, like chrome Burke carpets
This a million dollar crib, don't be ashin' on the marble
Just cuz you hang around us once, that don't mean you went to school
I got an AR with the red dot and a sniper with the thermal
I did so much sh*t in my life, I could probably write a journal
I just checked my mailbox, I got some more drip from [?]
Be careful where you listen to my music, I might say some sh*t hurtful
You be smoking garbage weed, that sh*t smell like a squirrel
You can come and shop with us, but first, you gotta get a referral
He said my rap's all cap, imma show yo' ass an example
Your first time shopping with me, I'd give yo' ass a second
Go live with me from your page, we can have a money battle
That n*gga had the ball at first, then his stupid ass trailed
I'm tryna drop this video, but I can't come up with a title
I took another n*gga b*tch and now he actin' suicidal
I got some real loyal fans, they got my mixtape going viral
Smack the f*ck out of DJ Akademiks, now I'm 'bout to go viral
Or I might catch his pus*y ass and hit him with the rifle
I was too busy bagging up weed, I wasn't studying for my finals
Just scored another point, I want 500 of the opps
I scammed a n*gga for $2,000 and that sh*t bounced back
He [?] only cuz his mom got an OnlyFans, he ain't have a comeback
I'm a 9/11 terrorist, seen a plane and hijacked it
Thinking to myself, "Why I just spent this much on a jacket?"
He was talkin' down on us, now he land in the casket
Got old drip that I ain't even wear yet, it's still wrapped up in the plastic
(That I ain't even wear yet, it's still wrapped up in the plastic)
[Verse 2: Tankz]
I just scammed a east African man named Abdul
And I scammed a Pakistani man, he thought I was KSI
I hate being around so many n*ggas, too many evil eyes
I got [?] in my face, bombastic side-eye
You ain't going Hakkasand, all you're getting is 5 Guys
Girls take me for granted, they think I'm a nice guy
I truck n*ggas but I ain't gay, I don't pipe guys
That n*gga short, I see why he's vexed, he's like 5'5
I just scammed a single mother for a universal credit
No subliminal shots, I'm direct, no debit
Hella broke boys in the ends, their phone ain't even got credit
His bud line was dead, he needs the EE method
I made 25 racks this morning and I ain't even left my bed
The addy got blacklisted, so I send it to my girls instead
They flex in their music vids, but I know they ain't got no bread
I scammed a bald man right from Dover and his name was Fred
I just scammed an Indian man called Devinda
I nearly got honeytrapped by a mixed-race jay bag
I bust inside the b*tch, I thought she had a baby
Get an abortion right now, ain't no ifs, buts or maybes
God forbid I ever have a baby with a jay bag
I scammed a homeless man for the biggest new newspaper
An Instagram baddie sucked my di*k for a fake Chanel bag
Scamming my barber was a phase like temper
Took so many xans, I don't know if I remember
I just scammed Sadiq Khan for 50 ULEZ cameras
And I scammed Klaus Schwab for a used Toyota Prius
And I scammed Boris Johnson for 500 red buses
And I scammed Rishi Sunak for leg growth surgery
I need to stay at home or if I ain't takin' my kids nursery
I was broke in college, waiting for my student bursary
Had to shout Teejayx6, like, "Yo, bro, you got a verse for me?"
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