Omar Esa


[Verse 1: Muslim Belal]
This young boy claims
It's hard to maintain
Coz he gets discriminated
Due to race

And this young girl says
Don't judge her by her brain
To busy looking at her body
And her face

Let's talk about life
Let's talk about love
If were gonna talk about love
Then let's talk about us! And if we
Want to talk about about us
We need to talk 'bout growth
They talk about you
When they should talk about both
It's easier to hate
Now harder to care
We used to offer help
Now we gossip and stare
Comment. Like. Swipe. Share
Hate used to be rare
Now you see it everywhere
Man wants to be radical
And take away life
Behavin' like an animal
You can see it in his eyes
Load up his weapon
Walk in. Aim
Fifty-one body count like a computer game!

And we want to share the video
To what, entertain?
Lost in the crowd
Watching life on a stage
It's a terrible state
Yesterday was heartbreak
Today she's back on YouTube
Putting make-up on her face

And the men are all the same
But I don't complain
We don't help each other
We just slander and shame!
Do something good
They forget about your name
When you do something bad
Watch how fast you find fame

Inside the body
There's a piece of flesh
If this flesh is good then also is the rest
Verily it's the

What a life Ya Allah
Sitting here wishing that
I could press 'Restart'
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