Sarah Jeffery

"Audrey’s Christmas Rewind"

[Verse 1: Sarah Jeffery]
All the decorations
And the lights up on the tree
Gifts in celebration
For our friends and family
Looking back now I regret being a tad extreme
When Christmas comes around will it forget the queen of mean?

[Verse 2: Sarah Jeffery]
I see a whole lotta nothing
Stuffing my stockings
Ain’t nobody shopping for me
Taking the crown was an error
I wanted to wear it
But I was not the fairest
You see

[Verse 3: Sarah Jeffery]
I was jealous, spelling the VKs
I ruined Jane’s birthday
And coveted the throne
So I took Maleficent's scepter
Locked Chad in the closet and
Turned my friends to stone

[Chorus: Sarah Jeffery]
Just give me a chance
To reverse it
I don’t deserve this
I was going outta my mind
Now they’re gonna cancel
My Christmas
How ‘bout forgiveness?
Everything is gonna be fine
Just gotta rewind
Just gotta rewind
Just gotta rewind
Just gotta rewind
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