Daily Operation lyrics



Yeah, daily operation (Steady mobbin')
Like a high-speed chase (Serious swerves)
High stakes in my occupation (Pop a [?] like [?])
TCP (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Willie the Kid]
Havana Joe, Coco Cabana, banana boat
I won't abandon my bros, these hoes are center rows
Incentive, scent of a woman, cinnamon rolls
Centerfolds, obey the code, we're both supposed
Juxtapose, pull a [?] bought a bunch of clothes (Fly)
Implode, Rolling Stones banging out the boats (Here you go)
Rich n*ggas from small towns, hanging out the rose
We don't know no better (We don't know sh*t), catch a citation (Wow)
And take it up with the city planner (Come here), the mayor whoever (Hey, yo)
Yes sir, boss. We's above the law (Running sh*t)
Shots flying out the Ford Taurus (Yeah), shooting up your tour bus
Don't be coming toward us (Here we go), the hare versus the tortoise
[?], pop a bottle like I dream a genie (Me too)
Crime family like [?], [?]

[Verse 2: Flee Lord]
Take five for the bowlie [?] Mercedes the coop (Skrrrt)
Flee I stay in the loop, while you play on your stoop (f*ck outta here)
pus*y think he lit up, but he wavy and loose (f*ck outta here)
Plus the fifth got a kick like an Arabian moose (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
n*gga, this ain't drip, this is kingpin clothes (Kingpin clothes)
They be letting us shop, when you think sh*t closed (Haha)
Hammers get loose, clip poking out the goose (Krrt)
Thirty on my wrist, two bands for the shoes (Steppers)
Eat the Flee and Willie, we gonn' start and get this milli (Yeah)
I ain't worried 'bout beef, I'm heating up the chili
My outfits need a passport, since the last tour (A-ha)
Watch me throw it off backboard, [?] (Yeah)
My name in the books, spitting flame on the hook (Huh)
Bought a key of a fleet (Fleet), and it came with a cook (It came with a cook)
Connected to the streets, I invested in some heat
Brought the bag to the [?], now I [?], yeah (Prrrt)
[Interlude: Ransom]
I hear you Flee
Aye yo, these n*ggas is dissapointing me, man
But the sh*t that break your heart, clear your vision

[Verse 3: Ransom]
Listen, this here ain't nothing to laugh at, so relax that
What I made last year, you couldn't make half that
A hundred grand, that's off my last track, and I'm tryna pass that
Just ask black, these sticks gonn' fire, hope you can match that
Fear when your mommy cry, ain't no loss of sleep when I'm gas clapped
Here's where your body lies, but across the street goes dad [?]
No need for acting brash, when your still reliving the past back
Y'all went to acting class, but I'm just considered a class act
Death is the final call, that's that
Swimming in the deep end on a last lap, demon speed on a fast-track
You kneeling in this game, I tell 'em, "Nah, that's cap"
These n*ggas moving strange, I tell 'em [?]
n*ggas fictional, that's facts
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