Jack Stauber’s Micropop

"There’s Something Happening"

[Verse 1]
There's something happening (Uh-huh)
There's something happening too
Isn't it fair?
No, I don't know if it ever will be

It's really nice
Oh, it's really nice to not meet you

Because I'm scared
Someday you might actually see me (Oh no)

Scratch that (Bum-bum), I'm ready

Close-up (Wow!) (Ha-ha!)
I look so beautiful
Close-up (Oh-) (Ha-ha!)
What do we beautiful do?

(Me?) So you (Oh!)
Can enjoy it too
Look at all the beautiful hair you've got

[Verse 2]
I've been planning big things, suckle on the medicine
You're a poster child and I'm like Thomas Edison
Off from my body, suckle on the medicine
Slip into a sore and cut my Thomas Edison

You live and you lose, you sympathetic star
You know where I are
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