I Wasn’t Here lyrics


Rickie Lee Jones

[Verse 1]
Taking my time
Hurrying along
I do what I like to go
Where I know I will
Never go wrong
The world is my home (World is my)
The world is my cone (World is my)
And it’s delicious
To wish this
That you never feel alone (Alone)

[Verse 2]
I like how you walk
Into a room
You can bring oceans of potions
And suddenly we’re on the moon
I’m a galaxy jet
So I never fret
Oh that’s never gotten me anywhere
I want to hang around yet

Believe me
It’s easy to be where you want to go
Out in the nethеr together
And we’ll just lеt go
And fly
[Verse 3]
Fall through the air
Don’t have a care
These precious moments
We’re in this together
We’re lighter than air
Someone like you (Someone)
Makes me feel see-through (See-through)
'Cause I was a weight
And the stakes got so high
That I finally fell through

Believe and it’s easy to see
Where you’re going
Out in the weather together
With wind, sky and snow

[Verse 4]
So where shall we go? (Where)
I don’t really know
But when we get there
I’m sure we’ll ask someone
And someone will know
Well that’s how I am (That's how)
Happy again (Happy)
Just to be part of the show
When you go tell ‘em I said hello (Hello)
Yes, I wasn’t here
When you saw me, it’s clear
I hope you don’t go
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