Pasto Flocco


Yeah, oh, yeah (Oh yeah)
Pasto Flocco, yeah (Oh yeah)
Yeah (Pasto Flocco, yeah)

When I step in the party, VVS the chain
Shawty excited, she screamin' my name
AK got a kickback, huh, got range
Ching-ching, oh, the trap phone ring
She blow up my phone, I Hotline Bling
You know I can rap, you know I can sing
Oh, ring-ring-ring-ring
All the autos, they hit a n*gga, it's gon' sting

You know I got a head full of steam, I be lettin' my hate out
Did this sh*t by myself, I don't need no n*ggas, I don't got no handouts
Now I walk with a bust down, look at the time
I'm breakin' her back, I'm breakin' her back, I'm breakin' her spine
Give a f*ck what a n*gga say, he could eat
b*tch, I'm comin' for a Grammy, BET
Livin' in poverty, EBTOE
Step in the spot, I don't need no, oh, ID
Hit her with a right, I'ma build to the top, Fortnite
If I see me an opp, it's on sight
My shirt black, but it's Off-White
Yeah, I got a bad b*tch and you know she gon' ride
You give me the addy, you know I'ma slide
She wanna f*ck, n*gga, don't gotta brag
I'ma go to the top, lil' n*gga, I'ma glide
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