Pasto Flocco

"Remember Me"

Surfgang, b*tch
Yeah-yeah, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, yeah-yeah
Yeah, oh, oh, oh
Pasto Flocco, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I got me somewhere now I'm movin' Holly
I got all the sauce, I could put you on
di*k rider, I could get that boy off
I was extravagant just since I was born
Double it, triple it, we gettin' more
I ain't never ever had to sleep on the floor
Yeah, I got a glizzy, pull it out the drawer
How you dubbin' me but your man 'cause he poor

[Verse 1]
I don't know you, we don't got no memories
I got a lot of special abilities
I do it so good, they wanna get rid of me
That f*ck n*gga diss, my choppa scream melodies
Every day I make history, better remember me
She want one of my sweater 'cause she like the smell of me
If you play with my family, I'm catchin' a felony
I'm all in her dreams, you know she remember me
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