Pasto Flocco

"Lil Wyd"

Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh, oh
Yeah, oh, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah

I spin through his block with the K, yeah, you know I don't play
Boy, I stay with the gang, you better stay in your lane
Cartier on the frames, Rayban, you a lame
Slime, slatt, this the gang
Ah, yeah, ah, yeah, ah

Boy, don't front, all my n*ggas, we'll pop you
Like a vacuum, yeah, my n*ggas, they will swap you
b*tch slap a n*gga, yeah, I don't argue (Skrrt), yeah, pop you
Yeah, my n*ggas pullin' up, yeah, we gon' pop 'em
Tenth grade, yeah, I got the TEC up in my locker
Ballin' hard, ballin' like I'm, uh, Serge Ibaka
If we get him, yeah, I turn him red like a lobster
Psh, he drunk, yeah, he slumped on Corona
I'm goin' up like a boner, they had me trapped in the corner
Now they let me out the corner, oh, opps around
We got a Glock now, we can just pop 'em now
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