Pasto Flocco


Surfgang, b*tch

f*cked her once so I left, I wanted to make a sacrifice
Get the bands, stack it up, get my mother right
Tryna f*ck up my sh*t, give me bad advice
It's a new year, I got new goals, I'm tryna get me a better life
Feel that sh*t in my soul, it's the heading light
I'll be your friend with them demons one night, yeah
And I'm finna go up, and I will not go down
I cannot settle for less
I'm a lone ranger, yeah, I don't need no interference
Yeah, I'm angelic, I got all the skills, I got all the perseverance
I just wanna restart my feelings, I wanna clear it

I remember rockin' G-Star, now I'm sittin' on with Mike Amiris
Startin' this sh*t, now we paintin' the wave
Everybody, they jackin' angelic, yeah
She only worry about her self
I ain't f*ckin' with her 'cause that b*tch is selfish
I do not entertain lil' n*ggas
'Cause in my family, we really got felons
I grew all these n*ggas, they say that I changed
n*gga, I did for the better
Blow 'em in the spot, so Goddamn dripped
Tell that n*gga pass me an umbrella
I'm in L.A, b*tch, I feel like LaMelo
b*tch, I get to the cheese like that's in mozzarella
Keep me a stick, yeah, that sh*t mozzarella
Free my dawg in the pound, finna write him a letter
Put my dawgs in the hood, boy, you better remember
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