Pasto Flocco

"Angelic Slide (Version 2)"

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[Intro: Pasto Flocco]
Surf Gang, b*tch
Pasto Flocco, yeah

[Chorus: Pasto Flocco]
She gon' slide to the left
She f*ck with a n*gga, she f*ck with the clique
Trappin' in downtown, sellin' a brick
Shawty you know, yeah, shawty a prick
She gon' slide to the right
Don't gotta fight, my hollows, they hit
I scare a n*gga when he hit a clique
Your b*tch, yeah, she all on my di*k

[Verse 1: Pasto Flocco]
New check, new me, new drip
Lil' n*gga, yeah, please don't hit
And shawty, you know I had to [?]
I catch an opp, n*gga, that's a switch
Shoot at the law, so you know it drips
I'm runnin' the game, this is not a glitch
That n*gga a stain, that n*gga a b*tch
Word on the streets, you a fake crip
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