Pasto Flocco

"VibeCheck !"

Surf Gang, b*tch

Tuh, lil' b*tch, you need a vibe check, n*gga, I be on that lit sh*t
She on her dry sh*t, I'm on that hot sh*t, it's a big difference
Yeah, shawty not sloppy, but we in my crib, she got evicted
Yeah, if we got a problem, no, I ain't boxing, that XD gon' hit you

Big dog, Snow Vick
Big dog in this b*tch like I'm Clifford
Walk in the store, see what I want
Everything off the walls, I done bought the whole section
When I stepped in the mall I done seen a bad b*tch
And she look at the rack and she thought it's an erection
Banks that boy, the best lil' n*gga
If you f*ck with the vision, I know that I'm destined
R.I.P. [?]
I got a spider on my heart, I'm closer to heaven
Boy, if you diss on my dad, red dot on your head
Word to my dad I'ma bless you
R.I.P. granny, I'm flexing for you
I'ma get me a mansion and get you a statue
Used to ball out, shoot the baskets
And them racks what I'm counting
Used to ball out, now I'm rapping
Now I run to that bag like Mario
New pack coming in, feeling like the post office
Vivienne Westwood, Goyard belt, I'm so fly how I'm walking
Seen my shoes when I step out the foreign
I'm too cool like the [?]
I get her wet, she like, "You left me pouring"
I love a b*tch who be moving according
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