Sanctioned* lyrics


Pasto Flocco

Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: Pasto Flocco]
Keep a small circle, so you gotta keep a TEC
Got to the money, I ran it up
I just been [?]
They said I matured, the [?] wasn't for me
I pray for all the people that I lost
They know what they did, they tried to cross me
[?] free, [?] but you lost it
They said that I changed but I changed for the better
She f*ck with the A's, she said that she present
How can I do it when [?]?
Oh, chilling with the [?]
No, I don't do the dating
Hop in that Bimmer, we racing
I pulled up and I realized that ain't it
Big A, you know that we sanctioned

[Verse: Lil Tecca]
Big A, you know that's the gang
f*ck around and I made my own lane
I don't care what thеse n*ggas be sayoin'
Swear to God, yеah, that she keep me sane, yeah
All of [?], don't be on no politics
And I told my gang, "Better represent"
If these n*ggas start to wild on me
I know my guys gon' follow me
I flip the numbers, lottery
I don't f*ck with no-one, why you bother me?
She ride on my di*k, she stay exercising me
I know a few n*ggas that mad 'cause they not me
She like, "Tecca, you poppin', you poppin' like ecstasy"
I just woke up and I turned to a better me
Got this [?] in my Audi, I turned to a better me
You might get finessed if you mad at me
I mix the Chrome tee with the Slime jeans
I'm with some real n*ggas, they surround me
You cannot be gang, I don't f*ck with your energy
I count all this real cash, you countin' counties
I'm on your head, n*gga, like a bounty
She on my head, n*gga, like a beanie
Look at the screen and I'm on your TV
I remember these n*ggas say that they ain't want me
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