Pasto Flocco

Ayo, J6, turn that up

If it ain't 'bout bread, don't care
I don't do no dates, I don't do romance
How the f*ck is your shooter on xans?
Hell nah, I ain't takin' that chance
'Cause n*ggas be cap for the 'gram
Keep a stick in my hand like a bridge
n*ggas fall like some Comme Des pants
Bust a U-turn, he think he get bands

Got the heat in my hand like a pan
I be throwin' straight bullets like Cam
Smokin' ZaZa, ain't doin' no xans
I just be poppin' my sh*t, 'cause I know that I can
Oh sh*t, that's an opp, give him air like a fan
I cannot walk in the store with a band
I gotta walk in the store with some bands
Pour up a four of that sh*t 'til I land
High as f*ck, I don't even think I'ma land
He rolled a [?] but he can't with these grams
Ain't coppin' no eighth, straight cap on the scales
Opp at the red light, that's who I'll kill
Straight head-shots like his ass Lil Bill
I don't know where you be, but it's not in the field
Put ice on my teeth, thanks for the chills
Only bustin' that gun 'cause I'm shootin' to kill
They know my body like it's Dr. Phil
I'm goin' up like I sprint up the hill
I'm a hot ass n*gga, I ain't got no chill
In real life a b*tch but on Twitter you real
Beat his ass up in Barneys, now he shop on Grailed
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