Provin Dat sh*t lyrics


Pasto Flocco

(Surfgang, b*tch)
Yeah, yeah

n*ggas been hatin' on me, I'm stackin' my money
n*gga, I'm doin' my sh*t
f*ck poppin' that sh*t, I be provin' that sh*t
All the hoes on my di*k 'cause the jewels on my wrist
Ridin' around town with the cooling kit
In the AMG coupe on the Melrose strip
I'm on that Melrose strip
Melrose strip with that top down, smokin' that sh*t
Can't f*ck with no [?]
This b*tch mad I ain't f*ckin' with anime sh*t
(I said bro pass that blunt)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I ain't even say hello, but I still got to that kitty
I feel like Meek with these milli'
I'm tryna be in the strip club right now throwin' up hundreds and fifties
I'm tryna put my whole hood on the map, I'm the best in the city
Keep that Corvette, n*gga, I ain't want that b*tch
Shе wanna take a lil' picture, money count sound likе a printer
I'm gettin' richer for dinner, two SUV's and a Sprinter
n*ggas talk games, no Twitter
Talkin' like that, she get put in a Swisher
Told 'em run that b*tch back, come punch me in quicker
Ran to the bag so fast, no sprint
We both got a bag but you know that I'm different
Run to my crib, now I'm chillin'
I know that lil' b*tch spillin' tea like Lipton
b*tches all in my building
If I f*ck with you, baby, you one of a million
One-of-one like Yung Bans
Stackin' my racks to the ceiling
Play with my bread then yo' lil' dumbass gon' feel it
After that, ain't no healin'
Finesse the plug for them pints and them pills
Lightning McQueen, I'm peelin'
Boy, don't be bobbin' your head to this song if you not from the trenches 'cause you not gon' feel it

Surfgang, b*tch
Bop, bop, bop (Haha)
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