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Pasto Flocco

[intro: pasto Flocco & Sully]
Nah but it's whatever man imma see you
Bro don't cry, bro you about to cry?
n*gga, shut the f*ck up
This n*gga chatting

[verse 1: sully]
I told Lil shorty come hit the back Don't give the opps my white tee
I told her [?] none of these haters, gon find me
You see, the ice it's [?] like diamonds notice my neck double be shining uh
I'm on a new perfect timing bad, b*tch, she was really a catfish

[Verse 2: sully]
I had to back up get my cash up big bro never capping
I used to ball out now, I'm rapping like critch I got the fashion
I tell your b*tch come over she [?] and she [?] she say [?]
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