IRIS (Will Ryan)

"Double Edged Sword"

[Verse 1]
Have you ever felt blinded by a hallowing sword
(By a hallowing sword)
Have you ever felt subsided by a bound-taking form
(By a bound-taking form)

[Verse 2]
Can't take another minute of this sight
I can't wait till the day we colonise
I can't wait to the herd that cast away sending this hollow scythe
I get nothing but a cringe to every man
Let's change the world with all these hands
Can't hope anymore
Let me give you more, let me give you nothing but another presence of you'res
Don't forget

Have a presence stand up, stand up
Let me see your hand on your heart
And the presence of a man with a story stand up, stand up

We will find the truth that's inside
With every story has a silver lining
(Silver lining) stand up
How can you feed for the passage
When you only read the sacrosanct
Looking for your truth say no when you find the
Double-edged sword
It wins it all
(It wins it all)

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