"There was a time when the [?]
They didn't care about your feelings
They didn't care about you getting offended
If you came to church and you had too much cleavage showing
One of them mothers would walk up to you
And say "Baby, you got too much showing"
You couldn't come to church and have a split from Genesis to Revelations
They would say "Baby, you need to change the way you're dressing"
But nowadays, don't nobody wanna say nothing
And that's why we got all these hoes and floozies in church
And then they just go "I'm sorry, pastor, I'm alright you go put me out, I'm okay preacher, I'm okay, I'm just making sure"
And she was [?]
And she was—
I know y'all don't likе it
But lemme tell you somе'n
If you get offended when I say ho, you must be a ho
You understand
'Cause if I preach on adultery and you not committing adultery, it don't offend you
But if you get offended, you's a ho
I mean—"
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