"A.L.O. (Asiatic Light Orchestra)"

Brown suede shoes and corduroys
Greasy hair not out of choice
Trying hard to blend in with the boys
Standing in the corner of the room

He would see her every Friday night
Watching all the guys hold her so tight
Looks in her eyes
But she doesn't even know his name

He would give her just anything
To hear her voice
To hear her sing
"I love you"

Climbing mountains so high
He won't give in
Risk the thin thread of life
To find his dream
There is no turning back
In the face of attack
Looking for the key of her heart

She's the reason of his dreams
Heroine to his pirate king
Marilyn to his Jimmy Dean
Swept away to the sound of violins
Friday night and it's all for real
She don't know just how he feels
Maybe this could be her lucky day
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