Avenue Beat

"​thank you anxiety"

Keeping me up till 1:45
Got my heart and my mind racing
Thinking bout that stupid thing that Ii said
Wishin' that I could erase it

I thought I'd get a grip and be fine by now
But it kinda feels like Ii'm losing my mind right now
Make me feel uncomfortable in my
Own skin and I really hate it
Yeah I really hate it

Thank you anxiety
For making me scared of everything
For unnecessarily over thinking what I'm thinking
Everytime I think about something
That I don't wanna think about you anxiety
You ain't a friend of me
Just a dead weight a heavy feeling
That I know I won't be needing
Wanna send you down the road
Waving as you go singing
Thank you anxiety

You're always my plus one at a party
When I didn't even invite you
And you keep me in the corner
So I can't talk to I'd like to
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