Makin' moves, everything I say goes (Go)
Money change, but I stay the same though (Float)
Been on the wave, one that didn't fade, no (No)
Different day, but I'm in the same boat

I'm just tryna stay afloat (Ayy, slide, yeah)
I'm just tryna stay afloat
Stay, stay

We been up, we been down, we've been back
Can we turn it around before we crash?
Need to know, let me know, yeah, yeah
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

I gotta put my sh*t back on track
Been down bad too many times
Know that it's bad, but it'll be fine
That's just how it is, shout out to slime

It's a big war goin' on outside
Grab your lover, time to slide
Say your prayers, hold 'em tight
Give your heart with your goodbyes, I
I been in my feelings, need a drink
Singin' my pains while I'm listenin' to T-Pain (Pain)
If you took me for granted, that's a shame
Make sure you love me 'fore the world go out in flames
Hey God, listen, it's been too hard
Joke's on us, but why stop?
No more will, I cut up
I'm gon' dance like Usher
Count up with my brothers
MC Hammer, can't touch us
I put that on my mother
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