"Know My Rights"

[Intro: 6LACK]
I need a f*ckin'
This sh*t not smokin'
Alright, yeah

[Verse 1: 6LACK]
Top ten, if you don't agree, I'm on your ass (Yeah), uh
R.I.P to 24, now my foot on the gas (Know that), yeah
This sh*t was given to me, I ain't choose it
Tried to make life and somehow I made a movie
The only rapper who can go on the road and don't f*ck with no groupies
If it don't make sense or dollars
I ain't got no time, can't holla
I just got off the plane from Ghana
And my airport clothes, they Prada

I work harder than all the rest
And I'm wishin' you all the best
I got bags from all the stress
Now, all my bags belong on jets, yes
So many war wounds, I had to make more tunes
Gotta cancel these n*ggas, they cancelled
Couldn't even enjoy June
But I'm a livin' walkin' fun guy
Even though I had some tough times
Made my bed on the frontline
One time for the
One time for the one time
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