Eli Sostre

"Too Many Nights"

[Chorus: Eli Sostre]
Spent too many nights
Drunk as f*ck with you, baby
Yeah you tryna have my baby
I might turn you to my lady
What's wrong, what's right?
Baby girl, I done seen things
Nightmares, I done seen, yeah
Yeah we movin' like the dream team

[Verse 1: Eli Sostre]
I ain't doublin' back for nothin'
I got R on the back of the Hummer
Feel like MJ, I stack in the summer
Woo, hit the three peat, I go take a break
I just copped me a house by the lake
I just got me spouse in the Bay
Feel like Lou when I step out the bank
When I'm smokin', no question it stank
I got rich and I put 'em on game
f*ck her good so she tatted the name
I be knockin' the bed out the frame
Mama wan' have the Bentley with wings
Know the name, serve plenty of fiends
Better click, got whatever she needs
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