Eli Sostre

"Intermission (Note to Self)"

[Conversation between Interviewer & Eli Sostre]
What are you afraid of?
Not being great enough before I go
'Cause I feel like that I have a lot to prove
I just always feel like there's more to do
My choice is to control my music
I leave it for my kids, all this work I put in
That's my choice
What are you most proud of?
Your choice?
My choices
But as you get older, you're gonna see that for yourself that, that life is just not everything that's on TV and sh*t
So I feel like, the younger me wouldn't take the advice but
He would still probably go through the same things
Just because he wants it so bad. He'd do anything to figure it out to get to that point. That is right, oh, now motherf*ckers understand?
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