[Verse 1: kidsnorlax]
I don’t wanna think again
Where were you when I was dead?
I can’t care for you my friend
Waste my time again you’re dead
All of it is in my head
Toilet seat covered in red
Finger nails are short again
I’m too scared to try again
Ruining my trust
My blade's covered in rust
I’m covered up in cuts
She left me in disgust
My fist covered in blood
And dirt and in the mud
I walk and I feel judged
By people in the cut

[Verse 2: REDACTED]
And I just walk this lonely road, don't know where I'm gonna go
I don't even have a place where I could even call home
And I just walk this lonely road, I don't know where I'ma go
And I don't wanna leave this place cause I don't wanna be alone
And all these f*cking beaten paths, I just walk by and forget
I don't wanna think about you, I don't wanna reminisce
I don't wanna sleep at night cause I know you're someone else
My anxiety just gets me and I think I need some help
I'll forget the sh*t you caused cause I always loved you more
Now I'm slitting on my wrists and bleeding out onto the floor
Now I look into the past, I'm burning all the memories
Now that you're not here with me, I'm ending all the misery
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