Stunt* lyrics


Saucy Santana

Lyrics from Snippet

(Reuel, stop playin' with these n*ggas)

Stunt, stunt on a b*tch
10K fit just to stunt on a b*tch
Stunt, stunt on a b*tch
[?] just to stunt on my wrist

Stuntin' on these hoes, n*ggas be p*ssed
On The Shade Room talkin' sh*t
b*tch, I shake the room when I walk in this b*tch
When it's my turn, hoes better get
Make you hoes fold under pressure
Callin' my jeweler when I wanna change the weather
40K [?], I can't move for nothin' lesser
[?] dresser
Still wanna stunt, I'm in stunt mode
Moncler jacket, jewelry too cold
Get yo' broke ass on, these n*ggas too bold
42 shots, I'm feelin' too [?]
[?] f*ck with me
To many commas on this [?]
Can't beef with a b*tch who clothes on repeat
Big Mac burger, I want all the beef
Hold up, this a shakedown
Hold on, stop the beat, this a breakdown
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