​i know you hate me lyrics



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[Verse 1]
I been fighting with thoughts and temptations
I'm not good at holding conversations
[?] with me, baby, please just be patient
Want you here, don't want my bed vacant
Every night, we been fightin' and f*ckin' and lovin'
I don't know if I hate this sh*t or love it
Don't wanna keep goin', but don't wanna cut it
In a predicament, but won't discuss it, no

You say you love me, but I know you hate me
Don't let it [?] phase me, don't know what I'm facin'
I'm not one for chasin', you never explain it
I'm gone on the weekends, I'm off the deep end
Nothing ever makes sense
Watch you walk out my life and it ain't been the same since
Put it in thе past tense
I was playing the offеnse, but now I'm on defense

[Verse 2]
Never said you were the one that was crazy
I should've had better judgment, I was lazy
Now I sit and recollect while I'm on vacay'
I should've known you were trouble when you made me say
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