RACKS ($) lyrics


Yung Fazo

I been feeling low now im countin racks
I got hella clothes closet look like saks
Drive mercedes benz u can not do that
And my pants sagging low cause my pockets fat
Too many damn blue strips think im crip or sum
Here the way im flowing on this b*tch i swear im one of one
My brudda gon really grab the stick i swear he shoot the drum
Know u hear me spazzing on this b*tch I swear im going dumb
Mama told me never trust a b*tch and now im losing some
Yea i popout they wan take a pic Im having too much fun
They want me to put them on the list But they ain't doing nun
Shawty wan me slide and give ha kiss but ima blow her one
I got double vv on my wrist, the hoodie saint laurent
Really showed no love i pop my sh*t and now u showing some
U be on that slime sh*t
I can't f*ck with ya
I had to go take a addy addy yea to focus up
Your b*tch in my bed she call me daddy got u throwing up
When i started getting to the cash i start glowing up
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