Why you Callin me? lyrics


Yung Fazo

[intro: Yung Fazo]
I’m finna pop me a bean (Yeah)
I’m finna be on the go (Woah)
I take a sip of the lean
You know I’m moving so slow (move to slow)
I’m finna pop me a perc (Yeah)
Got the money I’m watching it grow (I’m bout to pop me a perc)
Hit this blunt then I be in my zone (be in my zone)
[Hook: Slat Vercetti]
Why you callin me? you want me to die. (callin my phone)
Why did it have to be me? I'm diggin’ in all your lies
But f*ck all that lets just do it, and get higher then the sky
If it ain't bout’ money just move it cause i gotta touch the sky
[Verse 1: Slat Vercetti]
So please stop calling me. All you do is lie
I'm done with all your games and I'm sick of your lies
So baby don't come and move it. I don't want you in my life
And you told me you ready to lose it , and I told you ill sneak in it at night
And now your calling me, asking if I arrived
I told you I'm bout’ to slide, ima see you shortly
I hope your ready to lose it, we can't go back in time
And she wanna make a movie
This my time to shine
And now you riding me
Begging for your life
I just wanna vibe we ended up f*cking all night
She said “baby come here and shoot it”. I nutted all over her eyes
I wanna make another movie, I think she done for the night
[Verse 2: Kxzia]
Why she callin’ up my number? Put a girl on the blocked list
Got a n*gga suprised
Said this sh*t a hunnid’ times she ain’t never met a n*gga like this
Man i’m on the block with the bitty’
n*gga look at my diamonds they pretty
f*ck yo gang n*gga f*ck yo city, I’m in the spot n*gga like a hickey
And she said that im jealous, lil n*gga you gassed up
Lil b*tch im hangin’ up the phone I ain’t pickin' it back up
(ugh f*ck)
You a hoe b*tch back up, talk on the gang n*gga you get trashed up
I had to get my bag up
Yall lil n*ggas be broke go get yo cash up
Man you see that hoe? f*ck that, n*gga you ain't gon’ need that hoe
Man you should leave that hoe
Yes she would switch but never would the bros
All my n*ggas got my back im never alone
I don’t need her on my phone
Call up the boys n*gga lets go
Im in the field n*gga in the mode
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