[this is a J. Johnson Production]
[ayo stan, aye D we gotta f*ck this b*tch up]
[what up jack]

Aye, aye, aye, sh*ttyBoyz!

[Stan Will]
Crip walking out the bank like I'm Blueface
f*ck hoes I swear every b*tch two faced
Pray to god everyday I can't lose faith
Push the pedal to the max I can't use brakes

I don't cheat I turn up when I start losing
.99 with the blick bro, a sharp shooter
Should be in a Yale, really was a smart student
But now I'm a well known stolen credit card user

[TR Dee]
n*ggas hate, the K next to me like L
f*ck hittin' notes I can make this b*tch yell (on god)
I done seen some sh*t I know I can't tell (shh)
I got off my ass I wasn't wishing in no well

[Stan Will]
Adam22 with it you was not shootin (No Jumper)
Sendin' shots dogs way we is not hoopin'
Really could start a empire I am not luscious
I was raised to be a winner dog I am not loosing

New stick got more kick then a sneaker-con
Ran him down I was forgot that the beam was on
Just f*cked Apple up, R.I.P Steven Jobs
AMEX burnt, finna' see what the Visa's on

[Tr Dee x Stan Will]
b*tch say i got drip-drip, I used to rock Mex
Its a deli grind I can't even spell rest
Hate being questioned I can't even take a test
Made a way pushing keys like I'm Beethoven
Running 24-hours I stay open
I don't want the deal if I can't sign gang on it
If my boys don't eat I won't put my name on it

b*tch you a freak, you don't gotta lie
Beam with the scope boy this little b*tch modified
Ain't a free throw the crack-head just shot a line

[Tr Dee]
Scared of n*ggas im out here living like jodee
Took her to the hood she ain't never had kony
Ain't never had a big bro i looked up to tony

[Stan Will]
I just f*cked up a lodge up in a turbo scat
Tryna lift a heavy check you goin hurt yo back
Put my trust in a b*tch and i got hurt for that
f*ck you dont come back around if you turned yo back

And to my dogs I'd die for y'all
Punched a first class flight then I'm flying off
She say Tron' you talk wet the entire song
Last air bender with the chop, sendin' fire balls

[Tr Dee]
Yeah I ain't goin' lie, 2 hoes I'm so scared of y'all
She dove drip and said cannonball
I ain't tryna' f*ck why yo panties off
Call me D. Neutron I f*ck then I'm blasting off

[Stan Will]
Cookie had me on the moon, Armstrong
Emboss god, never punched a card wrong
In the store with the slides trying not to play my cards wrong

Up the 40 and the 9er, Jerry Rice
Style let this b*tch sing a little, Berry White
3 a.m self scan, and that's a scary sight
AF1 crackheads imma' only wear them twice

[Tr Dee]
n*ggas say they on my head like some f*cking lice
I laugh at his ass and say get a life
I love to f*ck hoes, I can't get her white
Call sh*ttyboyz i ain't gonna lie, we can get you right

[n*gga, get you right]

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