Jugg Messiah 3 lyrics



(Ayy, J.K) If you ain't looking for the checkmate, you ain't thinking right
Ayy, ayy, ayy, sh*ttyBoyz

If you ain't looking for the checkmate, you ain't thinking right
Every move you take be an L, you must be the knight
Why you put that chain on if you ain't even freeze the ice?
If you don't treat me like a king, b*tch, I'ma leave tonight
Off-White with the arrows, I don't do that Aéropostale
Why the f*ck your whip so slow? Is you scared of throttle?
Scoring like Kareem in these buffs, not a pair of goggles
Heard it's hoes around, sh*t, the BNB prepared with bottles
Your mans broke on his di*k, put him on his feet
Out in Cali, thinking 'bout the hood, looking at the bеach
Jugg Messiah 3, J.K back up on the beat
Hе had a BAPE sign, .223 took it off his tee
Ruth Chris dinner, ask the waiter, "Can I start with water?"
Let us catch you on the East, we gon' leave that car on Chalmers
Swing sticks like we golfing, Wocky in the Arnold Palmer
Flying 'round in a UFO, I can't park the saucer
At the mall ten in the morning like a power walker
We trying to cut your head with these sticks, but I ain't 'round no barbers
If the plug taxing, I'ma rob him, f*ck a counteroffer
b*tch head so good, I made her stay an hour longer
Once you put another jersey on, you can't switch back
In the field like Khalil Mack, b*tch, I get sacks
Punch God, yes, b*tch, that's me, I still ship jacks
My b*tch working magic with the Visas, she know witchcraft
Scat Pack, told her buckle up 'fore she get whiplash
Good lil' 'script, auntie told 'em that her hip bad
Getting work in, brodie shooting like a gym rat
Post my location on the 'Gram, it say "Zip Bag"
He need a big hat in the booth 'cause he big cap
That 2006 Taurus, you can't even drift that
If gang down, the first rule is to split racks
Real sh*t talker, think I need a hundred Tic Tacs
Oh, you want the sauce? Have you ever seen a pig fly?
You put your trust in her, don't you know that every b*tch lie?
I don't want the steak if the rice with it ain't shrimp fried
Used to treat me like the little guy, now I'm big time
Used to leave me on the bench, now I'm balling like I'm Jordan
Riding 'round foreign, hop out walking in some foreigns
You ain't got no money, so what you talk is not important
They don't got what I want to eat, bae, we off to Morton's
Said that he the plug, well, the cord must've got a shortage
Poured a four at the airport and I snored through boarding
If you ain't outside, then we on the block door to dooring
Heard they let you start one game, you had a poor performance
All the pain I ever felt, that sh*t implanted in my brain
That life sh*t goes on, whatever happened, I can't change
Balling on the sunny days 'cause I was stacking through the rain
Good casket for you if you think you snatching you a chain
Straight to the racks, I'm a warrior like Kevon Looney
f*ck around and breakdance to it, this sh*t hella groovy
Ain't a snake nowhere by me, but I'm stepping Gucci
Thought he heard a T-Rex, that's the engine revving, goofy
Shawn Michaels DNA, I pull up, stop the show, baby
She ask for some money, that's a, "Hell nah", ain't no, "Maybe"
Grab a profile, ship a cash card, and go crazy
Back before the booth, I was straight 'cause the road paid me
Big loaf now, back then was starving with a crumb
Shout out Lando, he knew I'd be a star before I was
Step back, hit it, b*tch, I get like Harden in the clutch
Valet know who it is, they parked it in the front
I ain't never need a time machine to see them M's coming
Every time I fell down, I got up and kept running
Three five of Mambas in the 'Wood got my head rushing
I'm two minutes into your song, you ain't said nothing
Looking down at the Apple Watch, b*tch, it's game time
They used to lane change, now they switch boats and wave ride
SB4L, lil' b*tch, I'm on the same side
You smoking bottom shelf Cookie, pus*y boy, you ain't fried
Spell, "Team", young dawg, you don't hear the letter, "I"
Real life scammer, hit them stores for a better life
Thinking that you turnt? Better make sure your pressure right
Star player, you can check the box score whatever night
Phew, huh, ayy
Huh, ayy, sh*ttyBoyz
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