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Yeah, this, you know who type of beat this is, huh

Never once in life did I try and be somebody else
Deep down inside feel like I don't need nobody help
Dub after dub, I just know this sh*t come with L's
Balling on my own, I went through pain ain't nobody felt
Talk sh*t, wipe my mouth 'fore I leave the booth
Paul Pierce could be yo f*cking pops, still won't be the truth
With some hell-raisers, skrrt off, hear the Demon zoom
Bloomingdale, Saks, finna f*ck up Neiman's too
Let me tell you something
All that tough talk, when it's smoke, just inhale you some
Shot clock cheese, boy, them boys got a bail out bucket
Since high school, sh*t, I ain't really fail on nothing
Real life, ain't cap since I wore a gown
Tryna lock me out the game? See me dooring, tore it down
Used to watch LeBron, I take heat down to Florida now
Used to wanna be the star player, I'm performing now
Huh, yeah, you better guard me
High as hell, forgot the whip don't even take no car keys
Me and Teejay on a play, shoot at Far East
Playmaker, used to ask coach, "Can I start, please?"
Walk a lil' drip, come through, talk a lil' sh*t
Before you run with the bag, you gotta walk a lil' bit
Good zaza, yes, b*tch, I'm off a lil' bit
Ain't no gender switch on this, chop'll chalk a lil' b*tch
Money [?] with the punches, what up, Floyd?
Kudos, them buffs ain't from Hutch, boy
Broke than a motherf*cker, need a crutch, boy
Scam God, pulling twenty jacks off of one 'Droid
Runtz got me outer space, I'm flyer than a asteroid
Play a dirty game in the city, we the Bad Boys
You cannot slide, yo whip ain't even got no gas, boy
Buy it for the low, same day I'ma tax boy
They say time is money but I wish I could borrow hours
Money on yo head? BAPE zipped and my shark devour
Bicep in the widebody, hear it start with power
Threw a twenty ball at my b*tch when she started pouting
Tryna run off? Crack his legs, we'll Harbor House him
He can make it but he can't stack it, worst part about him
If he don't use his head, sneak up and knock the smart up out him
Damn, now his brains on the sidewalk
b*tch said I'm broke? Let my chains and my ice talk
You ain't spending pape? Please get up off the skywalk
Play the game, now it's .223s in yo drywall
Bathing Ape with the Human Made, it say dry all
Grab the money out the, then I drive off
24/7 with it, f*ck a night off
Like underneath yo eyebrows, b*tch, I ball
Andrei Kirilenko, got a AK-47 tucked
Pop like his [?] started off as a 7UP
Three off of credits, slide six off a debit punch
Thinking I'ma lose the long run? Okay, bet it up
No hooks, no chorus, all Instagram captions
Drums here, sticks there, it's looking like it's band practice
Exotic Backwoods like my shirt, I got bad habits
Vlone tee for the free off of scam [?]
They can see me balling from the farthest seat up in the crowd
If I ever hear it's up with doggy, put him in the ground
All that lil' spinning sh*t dead, I can hit her now
b*tch asked for money, that's like asking me, "Do fishes drown?"
Like, hell nah
Said that I'd come up quick as hell, what I tell y'all?
I been up since I got up, I ain't fell off
It's 2021, do not ask if I sell sauce
f*ck an L, lately I just really have my mind on wins
We gon' come back to back for bro if you slide on him
Punch God, remember all them nights tryna find a BIN
Got the force, I'll swing the stick like I'm Qui-Gon Jinn
Yeah, b*tch, I'm feeling like a Jedi Knight
Pretty lil' b*tch finna give me the head I like
You miss the shot? Crank yo badges up and get yo deadeye right
Lil' b*tch won't hop off my di*k 'cause I said I swipe
Ayy, sh*ttyBoyz
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