PunchGod 3 lyrics



(No way, Hozay)
That's good
That's good
Ha-ha, ayy
Ayy, sh*ttyBoyz

It's a cold world, I'm just happy that my heart froze
Dawg think he drug deal 'cause he watching Narcos
If he come around, bro scan him like a barcode (Yeah)
b*tch picked me up just to bust like I'm Darko
No aimbot, bro shoot, that's a headshot
All day scooping dog sh*t like I'm Craig's pops
Been the scam star, b*tch, I'm feeling like the vet now (Scam star)
Pop out with that twelve gauge, leave 'em shell-shocked (Shell-shocked)
Just know if I hear it's up, it's forever stuck (Phew)
Been passed the boss fight, you still trying to level up
Stan busting lead, you would've thought he had a pencil tucked
No French Bulldog, but unky here selling pups
Boy, that sh*t barking off the leash
It's 2021, b*tch, the car start without a key
Fake love pops out the dark when it's R-I-P (I swear)
Every time I look in the mirror, it's a star I see (A star)
HBK in 2010, b*tch, I'm dogging hoes
f*cking on his BM, his kids watching Paw Patrol (Hahaha)
Versace with Medusa, I'ma make sure my drawers gon' show (Medusa)
These big boy plays, the type you can't even talk on phones (I swear)
Knock on wood or we gon' get indicted
Gate with the code, big fence, I'm just living private (Burbs)
Finna take a trip to Honolulu, finna hit the islands (Islands)
Locked in the booth, but no cap, man, I miss Verizon
Half-time? Uh-uh, we balling with no intermission (I swear)
Since he got a big mouth, brodie finna hit him in it (I swear)
The Punch God rose from the dead, I know it's been a minute (I swear)
My name ringing all across the country, not just in the Mitten (I swear)
I'm in a zipped bag at the bottom of a zipped duffy (It's zipped)
Nine hundred dollar runners, b*tch said my kicks ugly (Balencis)
I can feel the time slowing down, every sip muddy (Phew, phew)
We gon' bust like a zit if someone in this b*tch bug me
Louis duffel pack with like thirty-three G's inside (Yeah)
Motherf*ckers soft, talk sh*t then see me and lie
Green beam, walking out the store with three PS5s
Me and Dee in LA, ball like PG and Kawhi (What up, gang?)
Got the head from that lil' b*tch, skipped the talking stage (Lil' b*tch)
Then I kicked her out the crib and made her take the walk of shame
Boy, check the stats, we don't nowhere near ball the same (Go on)
Legends never die, b*tch, induct me to the Hall of Fame (Yeah)
Dukes told me, "You gon' lose friends, but never lose yourself"
Walking out the Cali dispo', we blew through the shelf (Phew)
Trying to send him up top, f*ck if he lose some help (Brraow)
Hitman gon' sneak you point-blank 'cause he move with stealth (Pew, pew)
Played the cards I was dealt and got a royal flush
b*tch wanna f*ck, sh*t, I used to be annoying, huh? (Huh?)
On the beach with a foreign thing, just enjoying lunch (sh*t)
sh*ttyBoyz winning, it's a hundred thousand points, we up (sh*ttyBoyz)
Riding down Plymouth, finna link up with ScrumbleMan
How you claim you down from that way? Don't know hustle, man (How?)
Think he cap on, I can't let him get the upper hand
Out here, can't sh*t make a man like the jungle can (Phew)
Jack man, scooped ten 12 Pros by three o'clock (Jack man)
Morphing up like a Power Ranger off this three of Wock' (Phew)
b*tch blew me out my damn Crocs, she can keep my socks (Damn)
Just 'cause I hit your lil' b*tch, boy, don't think we opps (We not)
Balling like a Sacramento King in these purple Guccis (Guccis)
Good with the Navy, I could really call up Sterl or Rucci (What up, gang?)
Heard your b*tch brother shot at you 'cause you burnt her coochie (Haha)
Fireman, bar for bar, it's like the rebirth of Tunechi
Real scorer, you ain't never put it in the basket (Real scorer)
Reader writer, told gang to put one in my casket (Yeah)
For the green, I bet my shooter pull up like he cashing
Ex b*tch sick 'cause I pulled up with the baddest (Yeah)
Trackhawk, Hellcat, pull off in the fastest (Skrrt, skrrt)
What's the price? Oh, I'm pulling off if you taxing
You tricking on these hoes? Boy, you should've did a backflip
That dub that you upped, I've been put it in my mattress (Been did it)
Middle of the summer, but I still brought some sleeves with me (Summertime)
It's eighty out, I'm finna drop the top and let the breeze hit me (Phew)
Having withdrawals, when I go to sleep, I dream giffies (I miss it)
If you ain't got no hustle in your blood, you can't be with me
Around when it's sunny, but they wasn't stepping through the rain (Phew)
The run ain't forever, so I'm heavy pressing in my lane (Heavy pressing)
Touch pape', tuck some, throw the extras in the bank
If you drawed up, guarantee I'll execute the play (I'll execute)
Punched StockX, now my closet like NoJo Kicks (StockX)
On a steak bite diet, I don't want no more shrimp (Steak bite)
What's the point in even having one? You don't blow your stick
LOL in the comments if you post your b*tch (LOL)
Ha-ha, yeah
Ayy, ayy, ayy, sh*ttyBoyz
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