Golden Ticket lyrics



Marc Boomin, I miss you
Man, get out yo feelings, you crying like that b*tch mattered, man

Rich bast*rd, b*tch talk and I'ma pimp smack her
Mr. Tell-A-Story-In-The-Booth, that boy a big capper
Get up out yo feelings, boy, you crying like that b*tch mattered
I can hit any self-scan, b*tch, these BINs smackers
This a classic, I got Marc Boomin on the beat
Let me open shop, it's gon' start booming in a week
Real MVP, b*tch really stupid if she leave
Ain't a ball hog, if I lose, I'm losing with my team
Newest sneakers out of Neiman Marcus, you can hear 'em squeak
2021 seven-seater, you can hear it beep
5K for thе verse, ten if thе lyrics weak
If it ain't 'bout no money, I'ma act like ain't no ears on me
Huh, I can't hear sh*t, I'm deaf
Twelve on the right, finna steer to the left
You can ask my fans, ain't it clear I'm the best?
7.62s look like a spear hit his chest
Let me tell you something, I don't fear nobody
Going 180, I might crash tryna steer the Masi
Running up on tip? He gon' leave as a spirit probably
Feeling good off these sips, boy, this ain't no beer, it's Wocky
Fire stick on me like I'm finna Netflix and chill
Could've swore that you was paralyzed, you don't step, for real
Bro want you and him but anybody else a extra kill
Heavy press with the jacks, I ain't never pressed a pill
Unkie in the kitchen serving junkies off his dishes
b*tch, leave me 'lone, if you f*ck me, it's a privilege
No cap, if they try and touch me, we'll blitz 'em
Ain't worried 'bout her ex, doggy bummy, rocking biscuits
Ha-ha, ha, with his poor-ass
Unkie bring that food to you quicker than some DoorDash
Sounded like a pterodactyl in it when we floored past
Finna block this b*tch, she keep calling, with her bored-ass
You bought a gun? Let me guess, you a gangster now
I'm with grave diggers, ride around with Undertaker now
If he up it on yo brodie, you can say goodbye
Doggy ain't nod his head once, I'm getting hater vibes
I'm just having fun, I'm just living life
Whole time, just to feel safe, hold a pistol tight
Reach for this chain? Treat him like it, we gon' get him iced
If you owe me pape and it's that day, I need that sh*t tonight
I'm just living life, I'm just having fun
'Fore you hop up off that porch, boy, you better grab a gun
Ex b*tch got the stupid face, think she mad I won
Would've thought I threw a tactical when I had 'em stunned
Three five of Runtz sent me to a different solar system
Hundred something shots, is dawg alive? You was 'posed to hit him
Pray to God every night before bed, I know I'm sinning
On a yacht looking at the sea, catching motion sickness
I ain't saying you a rat, I heard that from yo codefendant
Exotic pop, I can't read it, finna pour a four up in it
Granny said, "Tie them Big B's, boy, you know you tripping"
Always thought that it was scams but rap was the golden ticket
Huh, yeah, rap was the golden ticket
Tie them shoes, boy, you know you tripping
Huh, yeah
Ayy, ayy, sh*ttyBoyz, ayy (sh*ttyBoyz)
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