"Yoko Ono"

I’m so high
I just wanna f*ck up life

[Verse 1]
Your eyes
My life
Get me high
Do you wanna ride
I fell in love with you but I’m not blind
Your smile
Gives me vibes
I just wanna make you my wife
Dimples on your face
Make me wanna cherish life
Days is bright
Nights are bright
I’m just tryna make you mine
Tattoos on you skin
Showin you hardcore
I’m gon love you even I’m broke
Take you to Seoul
Just to explore

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono
You my Yoko Ono

[Verse 2]
Talk like you talk that sh*t
Talk like you talk that sh*t
You don’t care what they say
I just wanna take your ass to date
I’m gon love you till your hair turns grey
You give me all the drugs to elevate
I feel great, I feel crazy
Older than me but you still a baby
Take you up my arms
Give you taste of my mojo
I love you, it’s a no joke
Addicted to your spirit like Coco
I’ll be John and you’re like my Yoko Ono

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