Flo Milli sh*t (Freestyle) lyrics


Robb Bank$

4301 Deathless (RaeSam on the beat!)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah (Run that sh*t back)

Femto, get with the sh*t
Ho, better lick the di*k

[Verse 1]
Uh, pus*y sweat when I walk in the party
Captain Ginyu I go body to body
Walking Dead off the xan turn to a zombie
I gave her some di*k she said "Thank you," kindly
Got a Middle East b*tch from Abu Dhabi
Really she a terrorist, blow di*k for me
Doing dirt, hiding in a hole, bin Laden
Kid Goku the power pole, let her climb it
Sit on my Nimbus b*tch you know I'm clouded/clouted
She took addies, they just grabbed that di*k and slob it
Yeah you give her a cradle you know she gon' rob it
Cradle to the grave b*tch you know I'm the robber
Pop a perc, shoot your n*gga and won't say I'm sorry
I'm throwing up the Roc call him Jigga, Shawn Carter
And I got the blueprint for the reasonable doubters
All like Frieza with the scouter power level ten thousand
Now I gave her that perc and that b*tch keep on fighting it
Split the other half knocked her out on my Tyson sh*t
Point out the riot you know I'm enticing it
She chewed up the di*k while I chewed up a Vicodin
So I don't think that's the ho you should be wifing, kid
Don't put no ring on it but it's okay to like the b*tch
And if y'all stop talking no emotion, act like she dead
Ho gon' be a ho and I love all mine, quiet (Shhh)
Nah b*tch I ain't your man (430)
I don't even remember your name I was off a xan, for real (Yuh!)
Nah b*tch I ain't your man
I don't even remember your name I was off the xan, chea (Yuh!)

Femto, get with the sh*t
Ho, better eat the di*k

[Verse 2]
Yeah yeah yeah, P90 b*tch watch what I do to ya
Glocks, FN's, and I got a Ruger tucked
I got guns for days trying to make your medulla bust
This teacher not virtual n*gga I'm schooling ya
And I got the fetti, the guap, the arugula
And your b*tch a gnat, a thot, yea we through with her
b*tch know I'm petty, I'm shiesty, I'm booted up
Yeah they called up left a condom in the room for him
3 AM and I'm running 'round the lobby
Singing R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly"
I got a little thot in the parking lot wild'n
That pus*y smell sick, probably COVID I'll swab it
b*tch stop playing like I ain't a love doctor
Antidote, antidote one more molly
Rear end that b*tch and headshot the driver
Shiesty I lead her to your cheap ass Honda
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