Kool & the Gang

"Before Your Eyes"

[Chorus: Kool & The Gang]
All the little children
Happy little children
In a garden of love
All the little children
Their dreams are filled
With rainbow skies
And pretty butterflies
The dance before your eyes
Keep growing and learning
And reaching for the stars

Yo, hold up, let me do this
Ayy, I'm a monster just like Killmonger
Got 59 bags like Obama
Controlling the seas, call me Moana
If you do it strong, I do it stronger
Ayy (Ayy) Yuh (Yuh, yuh)
I pull up and I beam him
And I'ma send you to hell
Cause b*tch I'm a demon
And I got my squad and my tеam in
Listen to my voice like Morgan Freeman
Now I got thе dough and all of the meatballs
Like I just bought Sweden
I don't care what you say
Cause I'm in this sh*t
And I´ma make a hit
So I do not care what you get
No, I do not care what you mean
And I do not care what you want
Trust me when I say I'ma haunt
Trust me, you should switch up the font
Or I'ma get crusty like crossaint
Listen to me like I'ma commadant
Oh Christ
Had to switch up the flow, now it's spiced
Had to switch up the flow, now it's iced
Yuh, take a chance, roll a dice
Take a chance, get spliced
Like a poltergeist
I pull up and I take all your sh*t, I call that a heist
Look at the price
Look at it twice
Look at it thrice
Look at it imprecise
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