Toshi lyrics



Yuh, yuh, ayy, man this that money music, b*tch i beat that movement

Man i just hope that i can get it while im steady moving

b*tch i been down enough, drinking out my cup

I hope they see that i can get it without being drunk

Man im just done and done, rolling up some blunts

I see my dead ones rollin' in their graves 'cuz i be up

They know that i'm the saviour, straight up instigator

I hate these motherf*ckers always asking for my paper



Yuh, yuh, ayy, b*tch i'm that urban legend, better count to seven

'cuz imma get you when you're walking on the day of heaven

Take mе to my place, where thе devil reign
I'm asking all my dead ones "join me, let's go get some cake"

Man i'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired

Man i be losing all my emotions, man my brain on fire

Take me to a place where the devil reign

I'm asking all my dead ones "free me from this f*cking place"

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