WOW! lyrics


Rio Da Yung OG

[Intro: GrindHard E]
What the f*ck!
Wow, it's no way
(Just a lil' Flint n*gga, alright, ah)

[Verse 1: GrindHard E]
Wow, I got all the hoes sayin' that
How do you make 200 grand fast?
Now, b*tch, get here before I beat yo' ass
I slip yo' ass, Wow!
Hit him in his head, he didn't even get to say "ouch"
Sit a n*gga down without a couch
What the f*ck they got goin' on?
Them Flint n*ggas goin' crazy on every song
300 features in, and I'm still goin'
Four pints in and I'm still pourin'
That's in one night, n*gga, bring ten hoes, and bring one Sprite
Petty-ass sippers, I don't drink light
Before you throw a shot at me, you better think twice
Switch on a Glock that could've gone before I blinked twice
Heard yo' daddy was a plug, that must bе nice
On the eastsidе, buyin' perc-thirties from Denize
How the f*ck you shootin' pills out of town
And you ain't been to the V twice?
Nothin' that I sellin' at a cheap price
I f*ck all of your hoes, you better be nice
On some dumb sh*t I-
On some dumb sh*t, I got caught with my heat twice
My n*gga got a pint of wok, he sellin' his but I'mma keep mine
When I got shot I told my mama "I'mma be fine"
(This- This-)
This weed that I got from A1
Hittin' harder than a n*gga on the deepline
Life movin', fast forward, wish that I could rewind
Went to icebox to drop a Rollie, just to freeze time
All my clientele got my number up on speed dial
I'm like "take my n*gga fit, but that'll be five"
Ten b*tches, it just me and Ri', that'd a be wild
Put a sign on the door that say keep out
Damn we got a lot of sh*t to do
We out

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
sh*t, we got the backend, we could be out
Twelve years old, I was f*ckin' in the treehouse
Ain't no, we ain't hit the floor, we just poured a lil' three out
My main me go into a duffle bag and pull a E out
Walkin' on a cash homemade rug with my feet out
Hit a n*gga in his artery and watch him bleed out
I was blind when I was broke, had no vision, I can see now
Drank had my appetite f*cked up, I can't eat now
I think I'm finally done with the drank, it been a week now

[Verse 3: GrindHard E]
Had to explain every time I talked to her, she was senile
A old lady used to sell the Vic's to me for three dollars
I get everything for the low, I'mma be honest
Four pockets full, I'm Lil Baby, I got deep pockets
They try to sh*t-talk like us, I call it rerockin'
'Cause we got straight drop if you think 'bout it
They ain't want a dime, but the b*tch only had three dollars
What the f*ck I'mma do with that?
Chilled with her twice, now this b*tch gettin' too attached
Leave a n*gga sh*t on the pavement, this a dookie-strap
Rest in peace my n*gga, I wish I could bring buddah back
I got my strap, I just seen the opps, where the f*ck Scooter at?
Like I ain't worried 'bout 'em
I got b*tches breakin' they necks when they see my chain
Yeah, they like "who is that?"
Just got a twenty ounce Sprite, I put a two in that
I'll smoke a n*gga if he shoot at me, f*ck shootin' back
Them pus*y n*ggas tried to sh*t on me, now I'm poopin' back
The mic too close to the interface, where a scooter-
Tryna get this water in, n*gga drop, you where doo-doo at
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