Unemployment lyrics


Rio Da Yung OG

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
The f*ckin' drank made my throat dry
What up, Ca$hes?
Good lookin' on that too
I'm back, n*gga
(Stupid Dog, I ain't gon' lie, this b*tch hard)

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
Ca$hes called me with Hi-Tech, this feel like a dream
My b*tch made me breakfast and head, I feel like a king
Clear cream soda red as f*ck, it look like a beam
Odell put his hands on me this morning, so I'm kinda mean
RPs and prometh' codeine 'cause I love itchin'
Shot him in his head on a mistake, bro, my gun trippin'
Inhalin' crack cocaine as a kid, my lungs different
Tell security he can't check my coat, I got a gun in it

[Verse 2: Unkle D Money]
Off an RP, rollin' Sunday Paper on a Tuesday
Twenty off of fraud, still ain't add up what the blues made
n*gga think he Superman, this FN turn to doomsday
My b*tch was trippin' hard, I punched her Fendi slides with no shoelace
The 'bows been gone for two days, the house still stinkin'
Barry out in Cali shootin' plays, b*tch, I'm still crankin'
f*ck dreams, my n*ggas chasin' chicken, we the real chasers
Guns in the club, that ain't a strobe light, that's a real laser (King)
[Verse 3: King Ca$hes]
Whole team gettin' money, you can come and join us
Do the math, fifty blues and a hundred oranges
I ain't gon' say what we made off unemployment
Just turned a four of Tris 'cause I wanted Morton
Just turned down Lucky's 'cause I wanted Morton's
Everybody got pape', you just unimportant
Ugly-ass big B's, that's a couple Jordans
A four of Tech in the pop, that's a n*gga mortgage

[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
Off-White hat, shirt, and socks, I'm fresh as f*ck
I just sold an Off-White block for seventy bucks
Sometimes I hope a n*gga f*ck my b*tch so she can set him up
He gon' think the b*tch squirted how I wet him up
Odell got me M'd against the wall, he won't let me up
Your ho be throwin' ass, but I know the b*tch for catchin' nut
I'm petty, finna hit a white ball, batter up
A drophead Benz, a Hellcat, and a Caddy truck

[Verse 5: Unkle D Money]
Dog, your name ain't ringin' bells, n*gga, kill the noise
Black bottom by the Faygo, I was posted on Illinois
Got a problem, I ain't even worried 'bout it, just send them boys
.223s go through houses and bodies, you can't heal them boys
We gon' spin a block again just to finish boy
We spin the drop on Joy, had a play right on Livernois
I wouldn't even post that sh*t, swear that's lil' pape'
Ghetto boy, turnaround for fast money, swear we all straight
[Verse 6: King Ca$hes]
I just punched a suite at the Westin
In Cali with a n*gga baby mama and her best friend
It ain't ever pressure, we the pressers
Black boy on my tee, Heron Preston
It feel like 2017 when that Tech in
The glizzy kickin' like it's Eddy off of Tekken
The bag in, I ain't thinkin' 'bout a press kit
I poured a deuce and sold a quarter 'bow for breakfast

[Verse 7: Rio Da Yung OG]
I heard drank still a hundred down in Texas
sh*t, bring me twelve pints so I can stretch 'em
You want the pills, give me a week, I gotta press 'em
Just left the set with more belts than a heavyweight wrestler

[Verse 8: Unkle D Money]
Mack broke the whole bag down, ain't got a petty bond
We all touched a ten at that drive-thru right on petty bond
Line bangin' hard, give me 50K, I'll sell a phone
Run up a dub, ain't leave the block, you would've thought I had a tether on

[Verse 9: King Ca$hes]
Got the fake ID machine, now I'm sellin' phones
And I ain't goin' down on my price, this sh*t set in stone
Opiates got me movin' slow like a wedding song
Young dog an artist, you can tell when the weapons drawn
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