"January Jazz"

12 tracks and sh*t

[Chorus 1]
One, two, homies know what it is
Three, four, homie, come get your kid
We out here crazy
Six, seven, switch the style
All these corny rappers better know, this ain't a trial

On the aisle, all the while
Crawl and draw, smile, small know nothing
I left HHL looking for something
But something's gon' take a while, so for now I'm focused
A thousand shout-outs just to not get one
Nothing dropped there, so I was done
Dropped a tape and it flopped, can't say it wasn't expected
Ain't gonna whine and cry that I wasn't accepted
Want to say I'm fine, my days started to shine
Hope this is a sign, bars got corrected
sh*t hectic, but I rested, hit nine with a dissected shot
Hot pit, split before you get arrested, y'all caught
Up in this, mix lot with the dot, tested, but got bested
Not missin' sh*t or missin' you
Thinkin' of hits and drinkin' two
Blitz on the road, like crossin' a moat
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