Eric Bellinger

"Pack A Bag"

[Chorus: Eric Bellinger]
Pack you a bag (Ooh)
I need you on the first thing smoking
Pack you a bag (Ooh)
I'm tryna hit that 9 'til morning
Pack you a bag (Ooh)
I wanna take you deep sea stroking
Pack you a bag (Ooh)
So we could put this thing in motion

[Verse 1: Verse Simmonds & Eric Bellinger]
I just need you here, I want you next to me
I just booked your flight, you leave the first thing
I think you might've got me spoiled, it's only been a week
But I've been thinkin' 'bout that pus*y since last week
Slow jams, we can make it romantic, yeah
Champagne waitin' for you when you land, baby
Good D waitin' for you when you land, baby
On the beach, and I ain't scared to hold your hand, baby
(Pack your bags) So pack your bags
I'll be waiting at the airport for you, girl
All you need is a carry-on
Hit the mall an we could grab somethin'
If you need somethin', that's nothin'
Phones off, no roaming
Baby, let's enjoy the moment
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